Deciding to become a Real Estate Agent is a life changing event for many people, including Sarah Smith, who just celebrated her one year anniversary as a Realtor® with RE/MAX Island Realty.  Sarah spent five years as the Director of Member Services at Wexford and loved every minute of it.  With an intense pride for Hilton Head Island, and a complete and passionate “Love Where You Live” mindset, getting into Real Estate in the beautiful Low Country was a natural progression of her career. 

The first year in any new job can be a challenge, but when you become a Realtor®, you are not only starting a new journey, you are starting a new business.  As the mother of two small children, Sarah did a lot of pre-planning and behind the scenes work before she actually signed on with RE/MAX Island Realty.  She had a marketing plan in place, farming letters ready to go out, and had started letting people know she was making a career change.

According to Sarah it was scary transitioning from a salaried position to commission only.  Sarah, a college athlete with a competitive personality, was determined to succeed.

She immediately threw herself in and started working.  Working all the time, from her phone at the beach, at kids’ birthday parties, at the pool, even in the tub. If her phone rings, Sarah answers it.  There is no time she isn’t talking, working, or thinking Real Estate, and her persistence and dedication has paid off.

Sarah credits a massive part of her success to the support she receives from her husband!   As a Realtor® there is flexibility, but there are also phone calls at bedtime and negotiations at bath time.  Sarah’s husband never hesitates to jump right in so she can focus on the needs of her customers and clients.  Sarah also gets support from RE/MAX.  As a global leader in Real Estate, RE/MAX offers internal support at a variety of levels; but the mentorship, guidance and training from the staff of RE/MAX Island Reality is why she ultimately chose RE/MAX.  She was certain that from negotiating a deal to learning iMovie and Social Media, the staff at RE/MAX Island Realty would be there to help answer any questions, teaching her and working with her to help her ‘get the job done’.   “RE/MAX has so many team players…no matter what I need, someone is always there to help, which makes it easier to focus on my customer service and client needs. From printing something out, to helping run my open houses, the team is really a team.”

Real Estate can be filled with extreme highs and lows, and Sarah will tell you that the lows are her fuel.  When things don’t go as she planned,  it pushes her even harder to get more listings, to find more buyers, and to work as hard as she possibly can to make dreams come true for her family and for other families. She tries extremely hard not to let anything get in the way of her positive attitude. Through casual conversation with friends or colleagues, or more formal recruitment, Sarah is frequently asked if she would ever consider leaving RE/MAX.  Her first thought is always, “Why would I leave RE/MAX! They do what they say they’ll do, they offer the best split in the industry, and there are so many experienced agents there who want me to succeed!  Every one of them is always willing to help,  or lend a bit of advice, not to mention,  we laugh a lot, and having fun at work is priceless.  That is pretty hard to compete with.  Anytime I have ever needed something, someone from the office is there to help almost instantly.


Sarah had her first property under contract within 30 days, closed over $4,500,000 in volume, and has seen 12 properties go under contract in her first year as a REALTOR.   What a difference a year makes.